Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Finished product of PEYTON. I think it came out well...
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Life Goes On

Well, as the title shows, life does go on. My mother passed away from Pancreatic Cancer on April 9th. I wish I could have been with her but she had her sisters which was very nice. I spent almost every day of 3 weeks at her side in one form or another. She passed peacefully. The memorial service was nice and my brothers and I spoke.
Some very awesome friends from my old job came to support me as well. A GIANT Thank You to them. Other friends supported me by giving me a bed to sleep in and watch my kiddles for me. THANK YOU to you too!
Now I'm unpacking things and getting finished on my portrait for my friend. Then I have many other things to move on to.
Lil man is now in a toddler bed. He wakes up cranky from nap almost everyday now. That's fun, NOT. Lil lady had a fun b-day party with black-light mini golf with some friends. Lil man watched some movies and had cupcakes for his b-day.
Pics to come, just letting the world know we are here and pushing along.

lots of luvs and hugs,