Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Book, and other things

Well, after almost a year exactly I finished writing my book. Albeit the story itself. I am currently editing the crap out of it and inserting a subplot. Next step is finding a literary agent, I think. I'm getting mixed answers when I ask that question.

Any way - in the mean time I will be picking the paint brush back up and ripping through some paintings over the next month. I owe some people some serious oil on canvas! (Sue, Heather, Stephen and Karen) who have been patiently waiting.

On another side note - music that inspires me - music that drove straight into my core of being and helped my brain along while I wrote tirelessly away - well, I'm compiling a list to share with you all (whoever all you are)

Oh, that LOST write up. Yeah, talk about being put on hold. I think I'll just watch the series again from the start and then I can delve into it all.

up next - my utter love for all things Doctor Who,

the BBC and how I need to get off this particular continent and across the ocean.

BBC and

why I think programming across the pond is better than here (9 times out of 10 at least)