Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's the most wonderful time...of the year

With lights on

With lights off

Christmas Penguins
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It's just a start but it is better than nothing...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank You Sky Gold....

On November 24th 2010 Fry & Laurie fans squeed with delight.

a special thanks to drhouseforum3 over at youtube

At the end of the day, something is confirmed that most already knew - these two men are geniuses and the world is a better place filled with a bit of laughter thanks to their collaboration. Here's to another 30 years Mr. Fry and Mr. Laurie, cheers!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity - one girl's tale

So - the journey begins. It's 11:30pm and we are hanging out in the bus/train station in Indianapolis. We meet up a three young gentlemen that attend IU and are also taking the same trip as hubby and I. As soon as we get on the train we 'sleep.' At 7am we wake, have some breakfast (not bad for train food) and then commence on the journey seeing the sites go by. Michael and I watch a few movies, I work on my novel, stand up and wander around. It's lunch time, not bad again. Meanwhile, we are trying to figure out EXACTLY when we will be arriving in DC for our friends to pick us up.

We FINALLY arrive in ManASSas, VA and our wonderful friend Darren (one of lil girl's 'godfather's')picked us up. We ventured off to eat some most WONDERFUL Vietnamese food. It was the restaurants opening night and we were waited on by ALL the staff I swear to GOD. It was fun but Michael and I were tired. We headed back to Darren and Melissa's for a good night's sleep.
We awoke the next morning to almond croissants and gimmee coffee. Have I mentioned how much I MISSED Darren and Melissa - good gravy that was yummy. SO, we pack some backpacks and head out to catch the metro...
This is the line just inside to get tickets in the Metro. WOW - I KNOW right! So we get tickets and when the train comes it's friggin PACKED. So Melissa says 'let's get on the one going up to Vienna, and stay on and just ride back' OK done. Our adventure truly begins. This train gets packed like SARDINES, nay, sardines would have been happier. Now, let it be known that hubby said "IF you freak out I will leave you. I mean, I'll leave you here." Here's the thing - I'm claustrophobic. His warning was warranted. The excitement was too much, I never felt the effects. Everyone was on the train was great considering. Every stop was more and more crowded than the last. Our poor train conductor, bless that man's soul, got us there.
Side note - this train conductor, whoever you are sir, you are awesome. We also had you the morning we left. Sunday, Oct 31st at 9:35am. I salute your sir. You are Da Bomb! You had to be there to understand. Hubby has video on his phone - I'll try and post that here sometime.
We arrive! After an hour on the train!Once we reach the Mall we end up losing Darren and Melissa along with Laura and Collin. It was friggin crowded like nobody's business. We met this dude on our way in - ain't he cute?
Then Michael and I just wandered around until we found a 'SPOT' to stand in for 3 hours.

Hubby's sign is for our friends and his co-workers that could not attend.
We can't really hear anything. I don't think they expected the ENTIRE Mall to be full of moderate people (ok some were liberal)

Hubby and I NEVER have a pic together - we MUST have one and I ask a fellow rally person to take one for us...

We are freaking cute!
Stuff is going on - it's awesome, people talking and stuff and people people people people - HOLY SHIT! Did Jon Stewart jsut say Cat Stevens?!?!?!?!? I think I peed myself a little. I grew up on him - it's my hippy DNA, whatever - Cat Fucking Stevens!!!!!!!!!! Then, Stephen Colbert goes and ruins it and brings out Ozzy, which is cool - but I'm not a hard rock girl.
Somewhere along the line - this chick gets on another chick's shoulder and her butt4crack is TOTALLY in hubby's face - HIGH LARRY US but the pic we got was too late, she pulled her shirt down
Phew....I'm tired. We reach the end of the Rally - what Jon said was cool and I dug it. I agree - I don't know what we can call what we did, but boy was it worth every second.
This is people taking over the streets just leaving the Mall
I have never had Ethiopian food before even when we lived in DC. So hubby wants to take me. The bad news - it's 18 blocks that way---------->boy were my feet tired But he got one of these out of me
We get our food - and granted I was beyond famished by this point (during the Rally all we had to eat was a homemade scone and soda)I got something I think was called Yebi Alicha. It was a lamb dish and it was HEAVENLY!!!!! I'm salivating as I write this - it was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! It totally knocked Indian from it's 3rd best shelf. Vietnam still being 1st and Thai being second. But if I have any more of it any time soon, I'm thinking it's rank will change.
We made it back to the house, Darren picked us up at the metro that evening and we drank and discussed the days activities. Then us girl's decided to have squee moments and watched Newsies clips. This one is HILARIOUS. You shake that thang Christian Bale!! ROFL
We sleep. Melissa makes french toast and coffee and sees us off. Did I mention they have one of the CUTEST toddler's EVER
We say our goodbye's and give hugs and plan on seeing each other again because dammit - we most certainly will. We unfortunately didn't get to spend any longer with Justin and Lisa then the Vietnamese dinner when we arrived Friday night, but seeing them in person since their wedding was great. Sometime we will have them to ourselves. As we left DC the Marine Corps Marathon was taking place - if you look close you can see most of the blobs are runners...
17 hours later we were back in Indiana.

What did I learn - train rides are cool and we as Americans should slow down and take advantage of this great system we have set up here. VP Joe Biden is loud and weird sometimes, but he's right to be excited about trains. Jon and Stephen are awesome for putting together the show they did and inviting us there. Friends make life ALL that better and my In-Laws are gracious giving people for not only watching the kids for us (did I mention they flew from NY to do that? no, well, they did)but letting us get away and be a part of something grand.

It was the experience. Being there. Nothing profound changed in my life, no one said anything new to improve my thoughts on politics, I'm the same person I was when I left October 28th. Three words - Cat Fucking Stevens!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

On a side note,

proof that my hair can A) not be frizzy and B) is getting pretty damn long.


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