Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stuff :)

Our newest house guest while our friend shows her house for sale

this awesome site has ALL sorts of Doctor Who things to make. This was attempt number 1 on a TARDIS. I like it!

Lil girl got a hot pink streak extension for her birthday. I think it's cute and it's not permanent so all is well. The haircut looks great on her as well, she was in dire need for one.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Doctor Who A Christmas Carol get together

TARDIS cookies. I couldn't find a cookie cutter so I made a template and just cut out the pattern of the cookies with a knife. I used the same recipe as the Dharma Fish Biscuit cookies. Some of them are brownish - that's because the TARDIS had problems getting to the party is all...

Yes, they were yummy. None were left. You'll notice I'm wearing an 'Angel's' t-shirt. It's the Don't Blink t-shirt from RIPT apparel.

Here's some pics of the peeps and yummies in the tummies that everyone brought with them. We had a grand time watching Craig Ferguson's Doctor Who themed episode and the Christmas Special itself. Thanks to all that attended and it was a smashing good time.


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Really? yup, really.

A simple box with blankets all piled on top of it because when you tell the lil man to clean of his bed he thinks this is what it means.

Guess again, he's freaking curled up in the box with all the blankets on top of him. We bought him a new bed a few days later...
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Oh, and he wonders why he has a stuffy nose all the time. Perhaps it's because he likes to sleep two inches from a fan blowing straight into his face...ah, five year olds.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ho hum

Howdy people. As I sit here waiting for Jimmy Johns' crack bread and deliciousness to show up in the next five minutes (yes, they're that fast) I thought I'd write and say howdy.

I've been in constant battle with my arthritis lately. One day I'm fine, the next it hurts to move the day after that I'm swollen but it's not painful. The specialist cannot call me fast enough for an appointment. Sucks, but such is life. It's not stopping me though. I'm still going to do a D.IN.O. race this Saturday. I'll be walking most of it, but who cares!

After that I'll be attending a friends baby shower for twins. I'll get to see a bunch of ladies I normally don't get to hang with because we're all so damn busy. Lil girl is coming with me and we'll have fun.

I've been on my bike trainer and in the pool and if said arthritis gets under control I can seriously consider some triathlons. My cousin Kim is amazing and does them and trail runs as well and I've always looked up to her :)

I had a Doctor Who Christmas Special party at the house a couple of weekends ago. I'll post pics to that later this weekend. TARDIS cookies and all. In the mean time...catch ya on the flip side.

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