Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I've been asked to do a portrait of someone else's child. I'm so elated. Does this mean I am becoming grown up and on to something "professional" Perish the thought, I will never grow up!
In the mean time, I'm bouncing around joyful and getting all sorts of ideas on paper and in the brain, I guess this means I'll be finishing those other 8 projects that have been hanging out in the cobwebs of my inner brain......

Here's how it starts, finished product will be posted

Friday, February 22, 2008

Is it March yet????

Hello folks,
Not much happening these past couple of weeks. Just been hanging out, playing with the kids and searching for a job.....
Soon we begin planning birthday parties for both the kids. Hard to believe how quick they grow.
Here's some pics to keep you occupied in the mean time...

my recent scarf that I'm working on for myself

lil man enjoying the view

Cutie Patootie lil girl

Hiking with Friends

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I'm Tired....

Saturday - sleep in until 7:30, refuse to get up, fall back asleep until 8:20. Mosey out of bed, make bed, sort clothes. Make coffee, drink coffee, eat cereal. Make food for lil man, make food for lil girl. Go to pool with lil girl. Proceed to swim 25 laps, including sprints. Friend leaves pool, other friends show up, might as well do seven more laps to complete a mile long swim. Go home, get lil man, get hubby. House hunting for the next 4 hours.

OMG what is it about house hunting that makes 1 hour seem like 20. I'm freaking tired!!!!!!

That is all - it's my rant for the day. Time to go clean the bathroom, kitchen and living room in preparation for the Super Bowl tomorrow...oh, and make dinner at the same time.