Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Do and Specs

So, after 4 months I finally decided to get my hair trimmed and get some glasses that were more lil man proof.

I've been applying to a plethera of jobs, haven't had much luck, but hopefully soon enough something will come up.

We've been house hunting. Found one we liked but the people were playing hardball in this horrible economy. We weren't about to play games so we walked away. Something better will come up :) (that's me being strong, 'cause I really liked this place) There may be a fixer upper we can get, we'll see.

Family is doing well. Lil man is flourishing, lil girl having a blast in 3rd grade. Hubby as always LOVES teaching.

The only worries we have come form this up coming election. I just don't understand how some people see, or don't see as the case may be, SO blindly. Ah, such is life I suppose. Until next time, take care peeps.