Sunday, February 20, 2011


So, a couple months ago our new next door neighbor comes a knocking on my door. She very pleasant as I think we've somehow offended her with our yard (it needs some work, especially on the side, but I digress.)

She calmly states that an Opossum has gotten caught in our vent and appears to be dead. I don't do dead animals, I send hubby to tend to it. Now, I grew up in the country on a farm and there is one thing I apparently had NO CLUE of. That is that an Opossum can be QUIET F'ING HUGE. I do feel bad though. The little bugger did get caught and froze to death. Hubby and lil girl dispatched of him and said a proper prayer as they tossed him into the rubbish.

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Hubby got me a Kindle for Christmas. Here's the cover by Oberon Design

Here's the GelaSkin I had custom made - Doctor Who themed. I know, I almost made a LOST one, but, I had to make room in my life for other Geekdom. Notice it says "Bigger on the Inside" How can that NOT describe a Kindle :)

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So far, the Kindle gets a 5 star review from me. I've got a huge list of books to get through and I really enjoy it's simplicity. Considering my arthritis, it does wonders on my wrists, or lack thereof, in its weight and design.

Hippopatamus from Xmas 2010

A Visit Back to NY

lil K posing in a new hat


visit with an old friend
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more to come

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