Friday, March 26, 2010


Here I am, sitting around; I suddenly realize, when was the last time you had an entry? Not that many people read this, but whatever, it cathartic.

I obtained a bunch of tuneage - HOUSE M.D. soundtrack, NCIS soundtrack, Scrubs vol 2 soundtrack. Then I decided to look up some episodes of House and made a vol 2 soundtrack Ali style. It's really good, just trust me. A friend gave me Stephanie Schneiderman yesterday, she has this song 'Oxygen' that is pretty great. Awesome beat and her voice reminds me of a cross of Jewel and Jem.

What else, let's see, I've gotten almost 60,000 words written for my book. It's still coming along nicely.

I fell off my running wagon and need to climb back on. Looking to do another couple of trail races this Spring and hopefully one this summer.

Nothing else except this week my lil man turned 4 and the lil girl turns 10 next Tuesday. (I turned her into the biggest LOST fan, it's hilarious)

Well, pics to come later - peace, love, freedom and see you on the flip side!

Monday, March 1, 2010

LOST - 22 Moorhead

Someone hooked us up, my only quesiotn now, "Why am I crossed out Jacob?" ROFL!!

SO I go and leave a wee lil post on Jorge's blog asking about this. I said "yo dude - don't post this question" and ask him all about it, what does he do? He posts it! Way to make me blush dude...