Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mariana by Susanna Kearsley

MarianaMariana by Susanna Kearsley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just when I had come to accept the fact that I was wrong and to just accept it - BAM - turns out I was right. Admittedly, I performed a most rambunctious Irish jig of a happy dance in my living room as soon as I read the last two pages.

Susanna Kearsley has blown me away for the second time. Mariana possessed the intrigue and mystery I had hoped for and made me long for a time that is not my own. Her use of prose flows as poetry in word choice. It's stripped down to a simple nature, words that we know but just don't use in everyday language and it is a loss for us and she does it smashingly. Example - everyone's heart beats hard in their chest. With Kearsley, the heart thumps hard against the rib cage and into the throat. It's so much more powerful.

Rich texture and colors abound in this novel and the characters are even more rich. Two particular events I did not see coming and one of them will haunt me and not in a good way. Given the nature of the character, it was a pivotal point, but reader be warned, it is intense and you must be strong. The other twist I LOVED and I was ecstatic to see play out.

The change between Julia's life and Mariana's life is so smooth yet so harsh and most importantly, SO real. The blossoming love between Mariana and Richard and the friendship with Rachel and Evan are so fulfilling I wish I could be a part of their world.

Reincarnation - whether you believe in it or not doesn't matter. Susann Kearsley will sway your mind and open the door to the possibilities of finding your lost love from centuries ago.

Overall, I can't say I enjoyed this as much as 'Winter Sea' but it is just as thought provoking and wonderful and I cannot recommend it enough. Kearsley's ability to transport you between now and what ever century she chooses is effortless and I look forward to reading her other novels with baited breath.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally, a title

So - here it is folks

"Long Road Home"

If you'd like a sneak peak to the first three chapters then you need to find me on GoodReads, otherwise, you have to wait until I get this sucker published. (Which may or may not be a while)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We Sat at a Round Table

So here I am, Brent Spiner directly to my right, William Shatner, Michael Dorn, Wil Wheaton and Levar Burton complete the circle. It's become a hodgepodge interview. Spiner is still giggling over something someone said.

I finally say, "Okay gentleman, in all seriousness. Did you ever once regret taking the roles you did within the Star Trek Universe because of the typecasting hole it may have put you in over the years?"

Shatner laughs and sardonically says, "Don't be silly, whose been typecast?"

This is when Wil speaks up, looks me in the eye and clearly says..."Sure. We've all had that glimmer and said to ourselves, What the fuck did I sign up for? But then realize, I have a good life. Look where I am, the family I have the friends I have. I can't regret that. It's helped who I am here and now."

I sit back and soak in his honesty.

That's when the alarm went off. I smacked at the snooze button and asked Michael to wake up lil girl for school. As I came to, I wondered a couple of things. Was this a conversation of my psyche questioning my personal choices of being a bone fide geek/freak in life? For taking enjoyment in fantasy and being entertained by these preposterous notions that seem to become more real every day? And where the hell was Nathan Fillion?


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pre-school Graduation

Lil man has taken the first big step in life and graduated from pre-school with his class. He'll begin 1/2 day kindergarten this coming August.


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Thursday, May 12, 2011

For those that care to know...

I have completed the transfer of all notes given to me by the Taylor's for my book. I will begin my last edit and then venture out into the world of obtaining a writing agent to have my book published. You ask "Ali, why don't you just self publish?" My response - WHY? To me, there is something much more to be proud of when a book is published by a reputable service. It gets looked over, edited properly and promoted more efficiently than I could ever do on my own.

Don't get me wrong, if you feel the desire to self publish and you have the money to do so, then by all means. As much as I love my kindle and the digital world and ease to the access of books; there's something deep inside my core that says "Do it the old fashioned way."

Of course, many changes have already taken place so those that read first drafts may not recognize it once I have a final manuscript in place. I'll let the world know when it's available for purchase.

In other news, last weekend there was a tragic accident that took the lives of two of my lil girl's classmates. This has been a tough week filled with services and funerals. She has held up well and has such great friends to lean on and be leaned on. Hubby has been terrific at being able to take her to these events and I am forever grateful for that. I'm really not sure I'd be able to handle it. It's one thing to know these things happen, but when it's so close to look across the way and see your own child knowing that life is just so damn fragile, yeah, incomplete thought for sure...

Lil man has begun learning how to ride a bike with training wheels. He's no dare devil...yet

Hubby hosted the ASME HPVChallenge at the Indy Motor Speedway and it went beautifully. Unfortunately, Rose-Hulman did not grab 1st place and keep up the clean sweep of the past few years but they are going to the West Coast competition this weekend and have high hopes for reclaiming their title.

Also, he and lil girl are hoping to take a train trip across parts of the country. I think it would be a wonderful experience and have my fingers crossed that it will happen.

I'll post pics from home later this weekend and love and hugs to all.

Neil Gaiman and Doctor Who - no it can't get any better

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hugh Laurie has a blue's Album

It won't be released here in the states until late summer I believe. He's been traveling Europe playing some small venues and promoting it. Here's the title track.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm gonna brag...kinda

lil man is kinda cute...

He got on my last nerve yesterday as he dusted off and brought out the almighty caveman. It amazes me how much energy that kid can produce for such a wee body.

Perhaps this evening will be better and he'll just complain to me abut how so n' so at school looked at him funny and it made him mad, LOL.

Lil girl successfully turned 11 and had a party to boot. I'll post some pics of that later. She had a good time. They all squealed and ran around as they watched Twilight Eclipse and texted on cell phones. I think it's nuts that some of the other girls have cell phones already.

I like to remember life before cell phones. We were more human then I think. Anyway - she wants a skateboard still for her birthday. I'm working on convincing dad that it's ok.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

yard work sucks

I just condensed all the stick piles into one great huge one and two other small ones. Neighbors are gonna LOVE me, lol.

It's too wet to mow and there's not much else I can do today with my hands being in the swollen state they are in, ce la vie. Here's my advice - see a weed, take care of it. Otherwise it has hopes and dreams and the next thing you know you're cutting down a full fledged tree growing out of your fence!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stuff :)

Our newest house guest while our friend shows her house for sale

this awesome site has ALL sorts of Doctor Who things to make. This was attempt number 1 on a TARDIS. I like it!

Lil girl got a hot pink streak extension for her birthday. I think it's cute and it's not permanent so all is well. The haircut looks great on her as well, she was in dire need for one.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Doctor Who A Christmas Carol get together

TARDIS cookies. I couldn't find a cookie cutter so I made a template and just cut out the pattern of the cookies with a knife. I used the same recipe as the Dharma Fish Biscuit cookies. Some of them are brownish - that's because the TARDIS had problems getting to the party is all...

Yes, they were yummy. None were left. You'll notice I'm wearing an 'Angel's' t-shirt. It's the Don't Blink t-shirt from RIPT apparel.

Here's some pics of the peeps and yummies in the tummies that everyone brought with them. We had a grand time watching Craig Ferguson's Doctor Who themed episode and the Christmas Special itself. Thanks to all that attended and it was a smashing good time.


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Really? yup, really.

A simple box with blankets all piled on top of it because when you tell the lil man to clean of his bed he thinks this is what it means.

Guess again, he's freaking curled up in the box with all the blankets on top of him. We bought him a new bed a few days later...
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Oh, and he wonders why he has a stuffy nose all the time. Perhaps it's because he likes to sleep two inches from a fan blowing straight into his face...ah, five year olds.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ho hum

Howdy people. As I sit here waiting for Jimmy Johns' crack bread and deliciousness to show up in the next five minutes (yes, they're that fast) I thought I'd write and say howdy.

I've been in constant battle with my arthritis lately. One day I'm fine, the next it hurts to move the day after that I'm swollen but it's not painful. The specialist cannot call me fast enough for an appointment. Sucks, but such is life. It's not stopping me though. I'm still going to do a D.IN.O. race this Saturday. I'll be walking most of it, but who cares!

After that I'll be attending a friends baby shower for twins. I'll get to see a bunch of ladies I normally don't get to hang with because we're all so damn busy. Lil girl is coming with me and we'll have fun.

I've been on my bike trainer and in the pool and if said arthritis gets under control I can seriously consider some triathlons. My cousin Kim is amazing and does them and trail runs as well and I've always looked up to her :)

I had a Doctor Who Christmas Special party at the house a couple of weekends ago. I'll post pics to that later this weekend. TARDIS cookies and all. In the mean time...catch ya on the flip side.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011


So, a couple months ago our new next door neighbor comes a knocking on my door. She very pleasant as I think we've somehow offended her with our yard (it needs some work, especially on the side, but I digress.)

She calmly states that an Opossum has gotten caught in our vent and appears to be dead. I don't do dead animals, I send hubby to tend to it. Now, I grew up in the country on a farm and there is one thing I apparently had NO CLUE of. That is that an Opossum can be QUIET F'ING HUGE. I do feel bad though. The little bugger did get caught and froze to death. Hubby and lil girl dispatched of him and said a proper prayer as they tossed him into the rubbish.

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Hubby got me a Kindle for Christmas. Here's the cover by Oberon Design

Here's the GelaSkin I had custom made - Doctor Who themed. I know, I almost made a LOST one, but, I had to make room in my life for other Geekdom. Notice it says "Bigger on the Inside" How can that NOT describe a Kindle :)

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So far, the Kindle gets a 5 star review from me. I've got a huge list of books to get through and I really enjoy it's simplicity. Considering my arthritis, it does wonders on my wrists, or lack thereof, in its weight and design.

Hippopatamus from Xmas 2010

A Visit Back to NY

lil K posing in a new hat


visit with an old friend
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more to come

Panic! At The Disco: The Ballad Of Mona Lisa [OFFICIAL VIDEO]