Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We Sat at a Round Table

So here I am, Brent Spiner directly to my right, William Shatner, Michael Dorn, Wil Wheaton and Levar Burton complete the circle. It's become a hodgepodge interview. Spiner is still giggling over something someone said.

I finally say, "Okay gentleman, in all seriousness. Did you ever once regret taking the roles you did within the Star Trek Universe because of the typecasting hole it may have put you in over the years?"

Shatner laughs and sardonically says, "Don't be silly, whose been typecast?"

This is when Wil speaks up, looks me in the eye and clearly says..."Sure. We've all had that glimmer and said to ourselves, What the fuck did I sign up for? But then realize, I have a good life. Look where I am, the family I have the friends I have. I can't regret that. It's helped who I am here and now."

I sit back and soak in his honesty.

That's when the alarm went off. I smacked at the snooze button and asked Michael to wake up lil girl for school. As I came to, I wondered a couple of things. Was this a conversation of my psyche questioning my personal choices of being a bone fide geek/freak in life? For taking enjoyment in fantasy and being entertained by these preposterous notions that seem to become more real every day? And where the hell was Nathan Fillion?


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