Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm gonna brag...kinda

lil man is kinda cute...

He got on my last nerve yesterday as he dusted off and brought out the almighty caveman. It amazes me how much energy that kid can produce for such a wee body.

Perhaps this evening will be better and he'll just complain to me abut how so n' so at school looked at him funny and it made him mad, LOL.

Lil girl successfully turned 11 and had a party to boot. I'll post some pics of that later. She had a good time. They all squealed and ran around as they watched Twilight Eclipse and texted on cell phones. I think it's nuts that some of the other girls have cell phones already.

I like to remember life before cell phones. We were more human then I think. Anyway - she wants a skateboard still for her birthday. I'm working on convincing dad that it's ok.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

yard work sucks

I just condensed all the stick piles into one great huge one and two other small ones. Neighbors are gonna LOVE me, lol.

It's too wet to mow and there's not much else I can do today with my hands being in the swollen state they are in, ce la vie. Here's my advice - see a weed, take care of it. Otherwise it has hopes and dreams and the next thing you know you're cutting down a full fledged tree growing out of your fence!