Friday, January 22, 2010


Daughter had a swim meet this past weekend. Hubby took video on his phone. She did fairly well considering she was gone from practice for practically 2 and half weeks.

I had a case of 'wee bit o writer's block' but blew threw it thankfully. On a similar note, a certain trustworthy professional person looked over my first 9 chapters and is helping me out. She really loves where I'm taking it and is excited for the rest. Basically - WOO HOO in the fact I wasn't ripped to shreds.

Lil man has reached the 'I CAN DO IT BY MYSELF' stage. He's almost 4, hard to believe.

Hubby is tired, but he loves his job so. He got some new bikes for testing things at school, well, something, and he's happy.

My workout regiment has decreased. Reasons I hate winter. Stupid schedules and sicknesses.

I'm having a get together for the premiere of LOST. I'm so excited and so sad about it all at the same time. Thankfully, I still will have HOUSE and NCIS to fill the void. Hopefully, FlashForward will come back strong as well. Have to wait until April for Glee (sucks) I guess I can sing show tunes in the shower to pass the time.

Until next time.............see you on the flip side.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A funny thing happened while at the theater

OK, so, I get up in the morning and my father-in-law takes me to the train station. Said train is an hour late and another hour is tacked on for good measure. The 4 hour trip turns into 6. Oh well, I made it.
Here is the awesome decor of the apartment I stayed at. It is awesome, I'm not poking fun, I found it highly entertaining and hilarious.


Here's the theater at St. Clements. It's the Red Bull theater and it was small and cool.

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Here are the fellow MEFBers I met at dinner and the theater

"The Story"
We (Jo, Dave and myself, are talking while we are waiting to be let into the seating area. I"m next to the door because it is small and crowded in the lobby. Most of us are LOST/Michael Emerson fans. (side note, I was also very excited to see Carrie Preston and Geraint Wyn Davies - who didn't slam the door into me, but made excellent eye contact and I was STOKED) Anyhoo, we're talking away and the door opens quickly and hard into my leg. My dumb arss couldn't get out of the way quick enough. A friendly voice says "Oh my gosh, are you ok? I"m so sorry." I say back without really looking over my shoulder, "I'm fine, I was in the way, no worries." I look back at Jo and her face is white and jaw is on the floor. NO JOKE. So I look over my shoulder to see everyone else with the same look. Then all eyes are upon me as I'm told it was Michael Emerson that slammed the door into me. WTF?! Are you kidding me???!!! It never clicked in when I heard his voice that it was him.
The coolest part was knowing what a gentleman he was for apologizing. Shit like this happens to me I guess.
I got a nifty bruise from the guy....

The pic doesn't do it justice, but hey, it's cool! (that's my calf by the way, I know you were wondering)
The stage before they all came out.

No pics were reallu allowed during the show :( So, sadly, I have no good pics of Michael or Carrie or the others. OH, but what an experience it was. I was moved, entertained. I laughed a lot, I teared up and thought it was an evening WELL SPENT. Carrie was GREAT! Michael did very very well. Seeing them there in their element was surreal. I can tell how much he misses the stage. Well, I like to think so anyway. I enjoyed myself immensely.

My adventure the next day included these awesome spots...

AND to top it all off I found the ABC billboard for LOST. Sad, but fantastical!